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Website Maintenance and Security

We ensure your business website is well maintained and secure 24/7

What is Website Maintenance and Security,

Why is it Important?

Since the number of online vulnerabilities grows more and more every day, it’s imperative to have adequate online security. Imagine a world in which all your effort, work and sweat disappear due to hacking, or with one wrong click.

For that reason, every business owner has to think ahead and protect their investment promptly. Just as you regularly maintain other essential devices, such as a car, so your website needs constant support for optimal performance and to keep working healthy.

Besides, Google also prefers secured sites, so website maintenance and security play a massive role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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Don’t put your digital asset at risk, but to safeguard it promply

with our website maintenance plan.

How We Keep Your Website Maintained and Secure 24/7

Ongoing software updates

Having your small business website doesn’t mean only beautifully designed pages that will attract more customers, but it also needs ongoing care and maintenance, especially your software.

Regarding software, these are mostly small WordPress plug-ins which require frequent updates on your system to function properly. Regular website updates are necessary to minimise your system’s vulnerability. So, we always keep your software up to date.

Regular backups to remote storage

Another critical element is having several backups available. We provide only the best services to our clients, so we do regular backups to a remote storage, which is crucial for excellent website security and redundancy provisioning.

We also do regular checks if the backup is working, because if the website is down for a few hours, it can cost you very much.

Protection against unauthorised access

People often confuse unauthorised access with hacking. While unauthorised access means trespassing into a computer without an agreement to retrieve, store or change data, hacking is a malicious breaking into a system.

By regular WordPress maintenance, our support team will secure your website, and protect your essential information from any risk.


Firewall and malware scanning

Quality Web Services saves your business even from viruses by continuous Firewall and malware scanning.

Our support team will provide your system with robust and secure passwords, protect it from potential attacks by limiting login attempts, and other security measures.

This is how we make sure everything is clean and healthy.

Fast, reliable and secure hosting

Secure hosting is focused on keeping the website and its guests protected from cyber-attacks. We offer to our clients fast, reliable, and secure servers to keep their website well-guarded.

To achieve that, we provide you with 24/7 support and maximum satisfaction guaranteed.

Troubleshooting and technical support

The primary goal of technical support is to provide help and advice to customers when problem arises.

Our support team will try to attend to your queries as soon as possible.

Protect your investment today with our website maintenance plan.

Why Should You Engage Professionals to Maintain Your Website?

website management

Website maintenance is a critical factor for your business success and growth, which means that you have to ensure the following few things:

    • That your website is well-arranged and designed to attract more customers;
    • That your website is always up to date, meaning well-maintained, and with fresh content;
    • That your business is protected from unauthorised access and hacking 24/7;
    • And finally, that you are getting the best possible SEO ranking on Google and other search engines.

With that in mind, do you think is suitable for both you and your business to attempt maintaining it on your own? Or, you should focus on your business operation, and let the professionals in this segment take care of your website maintenance and website security.

You would probably get a panic attack to press the wrong button and crash the whole system. Having Quality Web Services as support means keeping your website up to date, running smoothly and continuously 24/7, visible to customers, and above all, a peaceful dream.

Website maintenance and security are about ongoing support for your small business, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with our Essential website care package. Let our highly-professional team take care of your investment so that you can get back to your business and focus on your staff, customers, products and services.

protect your investment with our
website maintenance plan

Don’t put your digital asset at risk, but to safeguard it promptly!