Up to $2000 off the regular price of our products
Offer expires 30th June 2021

Our Plan for Your Better Future

Quality Web Services was created in 2020 as the outcome of the uncertain times the entire world is currently facing. Led by their Founder, Ms. Sandy Siu, this digital marketing agency aims to help small businesses go digital and find their place under the sun during the Covid-19 situation.

Starting from herself and firmly determined not to give up, Sandy, as a devoted mother, wife, and small business owner, wanted to selflessly share her project with other small to medium-sized business owners.

We have launched a support campaign and offering Australian businesses up to $2000 off the regular price for the website build, maintenance and SEO management service, allowing them to keep up with the technology and progress!

We wholeheartedly support our fellow Australian businesses and help them recover from the Covid-19 disruption and get their business back on the feet!   

What is Digital Adapation?

Digital adaptation for small businesses is a strategy to help businesses adapt their sphere of interest to a digital environment.

The primary purpose of digital adaptation is to assist small businesses, sole traders, and micro-businesses go online, build digital capability, continue to work smoothly with 24/7 support and care, which today they need more than ever! 

There is no doubt in today’s world that every business should have a website. Reasons?


✅ Having a website is imperative in the digital age.

✅ A website is a mighty tool that brings you more leads, and subsequently more profit.

✅ A website makes you look professional.

✅ Having a website is a fantastic way to make a great first impression to your visitors.

The Reward for the Bravest

Quality Web Services will reward all the businesses who want to fight and succeed! We aim to help local enterprises prepare for a new Covid normal future, and for that reason, we offer them up to $2000 off our regular price for the following services:

WordPress Website Design and Development

A website’s design is one of the critical factors in deciding your business’ credibility. Having a high quality and engaging website is what attracts and retains the visitors.

Website Maintenance and Security

One wrong click or hacking can crash your entire system and years of hard work. For that reason, you should have a well-secured and protected network. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is all about getting your website rank high on search engines. A well SEO optimised website means you will get better visibility, higher traffic, and more paying customers.

We will be by your side all the time, designing for you a website that will get noticed and get easily found on Google and other search engines. Additionally, our team is here to help you increase your online presence, drive more leads, more conversions, and benefit from more profit. And more profit to you means satisfied clients to us!

Quality Web Services also offer payment options for business owners to pay over 12 months by instalments. To catch up on this offer, you need to sign up with us by 30/06/2021.

Each of us hopes that this nightmare will end once we wake up, but until it occurs, we have to stay healthy and fight for our loved ones and ourselves!


Go digital and secure your investment today!