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How we assess your business, brand, competitors, and marketing needs

Business Website Design Melbourne

Before we start forming and developing your business website, our experienced team will first consider your business system, strategy, marketing, customers, current online position, and goals. Then, we will design a tailored web solution for your business to grow.
During the business website marketing assessment, Quality Web Services will accomplish the following activities:

1. Market analysis for your industry

 The very first step and a key part of any business planning is undoubtedly market analysis. 

It’s crucial how the public perceives your industry, so our task is to see the bigger picture and figure out what visitors think of your business sector and how they opt for you. We approach all tasks from every angle, so, among other things, we also read trending posts on social media to understand the public opinion of your business sector better. Depending on the market’s size, both in value and volume, potential clients, competition, barriers to entry, and market needs, we will do a comprehensive market analysis for your business to lead you to the top.

2. Competition analysis in your local area

Once we completed an in-depth market analysis, we move into the next step – learning from your competitors. 

This is maybe the most critical part of online marketing.  Watching our competitors, their business strategies and methodology, the products they launch, the customers’ questions, and their answers, we can turn their success into yours. And we can find even better solutions for your website that will make your business grow and ensure you a leading search position.

3. Analysis of your business - your business objectives, products, services, and customers

As the name suggests, this is the part when we put your business on the scales and measure how correctly you have presented your ideas to achieve your goals. 

Supposing that you already have a website, we will focus on the niches you are targeting, how you present your services, and your target group. Based on that, we will help you improve your website quality by showing you where leaks are if any. On the other hand, if you don’t have a website, please contact us for a free consultation. Here, you can present your ideas, thoughts, and objectives. Then we will find the best solution that suits both you and your customers’ needs.

4. Design a tailored web solution for your business

Now that the previous three steps have been done in detail, we are ready for the last and most important step in the whole process – creating a tailored web solution for your business to grow. 

By focusing on your product, visitors, and competition, Quality Web Services will establish and grow your business website, leaving your competition far behind. Digital Marketing Melbourne Services will turn your visitors into leads and sales, and soon your business will comfortably be found on Google and other search engines.


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