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An Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Box Hill Melbourne, will be your partner to online success!

Who is Quality Web Services?

Quality Web Services is a boutique digital marketing agency conveniently located in Box Hill. We provide the best digital marketing and web design services for local businesses in Melbourne’s eastern and south-eastern suburbs.

Living in the digital era means keeping up with technology, as well as continually competing for a top position in the marketplace. So, if you are a small to a medium-sized business owner, and you are sick and tired of being overshadowed continuously by your competition, we’ve got you covered!

Composed of qualified experts in the field of digital marketing and web design, our team will make sure that your business stands out in the crowd, and get the best possible Google ranking.

Our Vision and Mission

In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and disturbed the whole world, the founder of this Digital marketing agency, Ms. Sandy Siu established Quality Web Services with one goal in mind –

To help small businesses go digital and recover from the Covid disruption in these challenging times.

She aims to help local businesses prepare for a new Covid normal future.

Our primary ambition is to help you build a high performing website that will get noticed and easily found on Google. Given the time in which our digital marketing agency was created, it’s more than clear that we want to help local businesses go online.

Our team is here to help you increase your online presence, drive more leads, more conversions and benefit from more profit.

We want to become your trusted partner and your preferred website design agency for all your web development needs.

Web design box hill
Website design box hill

Our Values

What undoubtedly sets us apart from the competition are the values we uphold in our daily operation.

We are customer-focused:

  • We listen to you, and most importantly we hear you;
  • We learn and understand your desires and pain points;
  • We help you build and maintain your digital assets;
  • We are proud of your ongoing success because it also means success to us.

We have strong working ethics:

  • We strive for excellence;
  • We build trust and form long term partnership with you;
  • We deliver on promises;
  • We deliver on quality.

Our Award for Excellence

eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence

In 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sandy chose to take a career break after more than 20 years of long service in her professional career. Not only was it important for her to stand by her family during the un-precedent times of uncertainty, but she also wanted to learn new skills for her own personal and professional development.

She joined the Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program, run by a highly regarded private institute in digital education and digital investments in Australia, the eBusiness Institute

During the course of the program, her digital marketing agency was recognised for the Award for Excellence by the Institute. They were awarded for their strong dedication to great customer service and delivering high-value digital assets for local businesses.

Our Methodology

To achieve success online, it’s vital to have a long term and sustainable business marketing strategy for managing your digital asset. You should view your online asset as an investment that adds value to your business, and an asset by its definition expects a Return on Investment (RoI).  Here we apply the principles of two International management standards: Asset Management (ISO 55001) and Quality Management (ISO 9001) which underpins our business processes for building, delivering and managing your online asset. 

Asset Lifecycle Management

We take a lifecycle approach to managing your digital asset.

1. Asset Planning

Business and Market Analysis

The very first and critical step in asset planning for your website is a detailed business and market analysis. We initiate building the website only after this first step is done.

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Looking at the visitors’ behaviours and desires, we can determine their sphere of interest, and then attract them and turn them into sales.

Business analysis is also an important step, and it helps us to learn and better understand your vision, goals, and approach to your clients.

2. Asset Build

Website Design and Development

A website’s design is one of the critical factors in deciding your business’ credibility. Having a high quality and engaging website is a must-have in the digital era, and that’s what attracts and retains the visitors.

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We will underline the vital things related to your business so that potential clients can easily find what they are looking for.

Whether you are searching for a WordPress website design, small business website design, mobile responsive web design, or a website redesign, we have you fully covered!

3. Asset Maintenance

Website Maintenance and Security

One wrong click or hacking can crash your entire system and years of hard work. For that reason, you should have a well-secured and protected network. 

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We will ensure that your business digital assets run smoothly and healthy, keeping it well-maintained 24/7.

4. Asset Monitoring

SEO Management for Continuous Business Growth

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) management is what ultimately drives your business growth. It is the most vital process in managing your digital asset.

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Google loves well-organised and authoritative websites, and great SEO and ongoing website performance monitoring will lead you to the very top of Google rankings. 

Well SEO optimised websites give you more possibilities to turn visitors into profit.

Our Quality Guaranteed

We follow the principles of the QMS in our daily business operation.

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What makes us the best choice for your business is undoubtedly our customer-centric policy. We adhere to ISO 9001, known as the International Standard for Quality Management System, or abbreviated QMS, meaning that our digital marketing agency follows thoroughly the principles defined in the ISO 9001 Standard.

As the accomplished Quality assurance specialist, as well as Founder of Quality Web Services, Sandy, in her prosperous professional career, had performed quality compliance audits for her organisation against ISO 9001 standard. She assessed her organisation’s business management, operations, and processes under the requirements of the standard. The outcome of the audits aimed to identify any non-compliance or shortfalls in the business and give recommendations for amelioration.

Keeping in mind the passion for her job and customer-focus, Sandy, it’s not surprising that  we deliver on quality without exceptions. The fact that we are strict to ourselves and that we take our job very seriously results in ultra-satisfied consumers who always return for more of our products and assistance.

And the upshot of Sandy’s hard work, enthusiasm, persistence, and continuous improvement is that her customers get the best value for her products and services.

Our People and Networks

Sandy Siu

Sandy Siu

Founder and Manager of Quality Web Services

Graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne, Sandy is a degree qualified Engineer and Software Developer with more than 20 years of combined experience in Asset Management (ISO 55001), Quality Management (ISO 9001), Software Engineering, Business and Data Analysis. She has been fortunate to work for a number of top government agencies and private organisations in Australia. 

In 2020 due to the whole Covid-19 situation, Sandy chose to take a career break primarily to stand by and support her family during the pandemic, and secondly to take up the challenge of becoming an online business entrepreneur.

Whilst home schooling her 9-year-old daughter during the Covid lockdown, she concurrently joined the “Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program”, run by eBusiness Institute.

Here, she obtained a full range of digital marketing and webmaster skills. The outcome of the program has enabled her to build professional, high performing, and SEO optimised websites, specifically for local businesses.

 Quality Web Services is the product of her hard work, strong determination and professional growth.

Very dedicated to what she does, Sandy is a person of trust and integrity, and having her as a partner means a guaranteed triumph. Grown-up, educated and working in Melbourne she understands the local market leaks and needs, and that’s what makes her compatible enough to help small businesses rise and succeed.

A person who has experienced success for over 20 years can help you succeed.

Our Global Online Team

Our Global Online Team

Web Designer, Content Marketer, Technical and Security Support, SEO Specialist

Quality Web Services is supported by a team of qualified and highly skilled professionals who work behind the scene. The digital world is so potent, and our experienced team knows how to get the best out of it and turn it into both your and our victory.

We cooperate with accredited outsources to deliver you a digital asset that suits your needs and budget and on time. From now on, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your business online asset is supervised and managed 24/7!

Having a tremendous global online team is the benefit of being a business owner in the digital era. And having our Digital marketing agency as a partner means building your digital asset with quality, passion, care, and knowledge.

Our Champions Digital Community

Our Champions Digital Community

eBusiness Institute Champions

Being a member of the eBusiness Institute means sharing thoughts, knowledge, experience and success in the digital marketing sphere with more than 500 passionate champions. It’s a group of extraordinary people of all ages and genders who share a common vision of embracing digital skills and working towards financial freedom in the digital age.

One of the primary purposes of this membership is to help Australian small to medium-sized businesses go digital.

Led by the two co-founders, who are also our Masters program coaches Matt and Liz Raad, eBusiness Institute allows us to upgrade our knowledge and skills in digital education continually. We receive updates on current and future digital trends that may impact businesses locally and globally and we regularly collaborate, network, share insights and know-how amongst the group.

Being fair and competent in this field means learning from other people’s successes and failures. And that’s precisely what this private community group is all about. Here, we share knowledge and experiences, we celebrate each other’s successes, and we learn from each other’s failures. We educate ourselves, develop our talents, and always support each other. We are very committed to this group of passionate and brilliant members, and we work hard every day to be better and progress.

Ultimately, the whole process of joint growth and constant strengthening aims at the consumer’s satisfaction.

What We Do Best

After all the things mentioned above, it’s pretty clear what makes us the best partner for your business. For all concerns, questions, and doubts our digital marketing Melbourne agency is always at your disposal. Having us by your side is the path to success, and having our Leader as a manager of every aspect of the delivery means bringing your vision to life, quickly and effectively.

Forget about the traditional marketing and newspaper advertisements that don’t work anymore, and get prepared to be a part of an era of progress, freedom and triumph.


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“Whether is the best of time or the worst of time is the only time we’ve got"

— Arit Buchwald


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